05 March 2007

Nam Tok, mai mii nam!

I've just got bak from a trip to a waterfall with no water and so they've decided to go off to one that is an hour away. After an exhausting weekend "off", I'm knackered and so am staying behind to do some blogging.
We had one night away in Nakhorn Rachasima and spent most of it ferrying people back and forth from the hospital. One of our team members was bitten by a dog and is now on a course of rabies injections, another didn't bother to tell anyone that she was in pain because sh hadn't pooed since we'd arrived (5 days ago!), and the lasty one had been having diarrhea since we'd arrived. Moral of the story kids...drink more water, and for gods sake tell someone if you are ill so we can advise you and you don't end up on a drip in the hospital! All are doing well now.
The house is also coming along swimmingly. It's almost finished in fact which is very satisfying.
I want to post some photos. but the electricity is really flickering here so I don't want to lose this post. Stay tuned!To keep you entertained until then, here is the truck I've been driving round in to carry bricks and also the site when we first arrived. Wait until you see what's happened since then.
Tomorrow is the last day and we will get to dedicate the house so we are very excited.
I am now going for a nap before dinner so I can enjoy our last real night here since we'll be leaving at about midnight tomorrow night for Bangkok.

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