30 July 2009

Pho-king awesome!

Excuse the swearing, but take a look at this fantabulous pho bowl! I think I NEED this!Please click on this link to see how it works.
yanko design pho bowl

25 July 2009

A time to Flickr, a time to blog

Flickr how I've missed thee!
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It's taken us ages to get all moved in and we still have a long way to go to make this place look like a real home, but we're getting there. We've had so much fun finding all of our stuff that has been in storage...especially all the cool Japanese pottery we went mad on buying before we left Japan. We've also bought things...big things like dining room tables and giant bookshelves. I'm still not totally comfortable with all this "permanant-y" stuff. I'm scared that we are settling in even though it's fun to make a really livable place. A dining room table, HA!

10 July 2009

I'm a P.A. for myself

We're finally in our new house. We had to give up on the 'owning dream' since nobody has job security these days, but we've rented the biggest place we've ever lived in. It's really cool to be able to spread out(heating this place is another matter). Plus, I'm opening boxes of cool stuff we brought back from Japan that have been in storage until now. Christmas in July!

The past two weeks has just been about processing jobs. Change the address on this and that, buy a washing machine and get it delivered, chase up the phone man who can't seem to find out address to put the phone in, chase him up again...and again, pack boxes, clean, clean new lace, unpack boxes, eat MORE takeaway until we can find plates and pots, the list goes on.

Tonight is the first night that I am not totally obligated to meet someone, go somewhere, or clean something. Mr. P asked me to meet him and colleagues in town for a drink but the last thing I want to do is get on a bus only to fall asleep at the bar. So, I've put my foot down and I'm staying in. Well, as a compromise, I'm giving him a lift home and we're going to get some food on the way. But then I'm REALLY staying in!