14 March 2007

37 degrees

I guess the hot season is already here as it's supposed to be 37 degrees today. It only feels like a thousand though. I've got to make it across town to my travel agent to pick up my tickets for Laos. Yes, I splurged on plane tickets when I could've taken the train and bus combo. But now that it's 37 degrees I'm using the heat as my excuse.
The e-mails flinging back and forth about the conference in Vientienne are unrelenting. The timetable has changed three times already. Since I don't want to spend all my internet time on getting involved in this part I've sent an e-mail to the organiser saying that I'd just prepare all my materials here in Bangkok and then find out what's what when I arrive. I'd just as soon go with the flow anyway. I really feel for the guy who organises this as it's become really big with numerous presenters. He's a saint. I remember when I first met him at a Peace as a Global Language conference and someone said he could "organise the hind legs off a donkey". I guess I know what that means now.
Just wanted to mention that I spent an hour waiting for photos to upload yesterday onto Flickr and then only two of them actually made it. How annoying. I'm currently waiting for more to upload at a different cafe now as I type this. Sorry to anyone who is looking if the photos seem a bit random. It's just whatever I can get uploaded.

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