02 March 2007

It's all dial-up in the Jungle

We're staying at The Jungle House and it's like stepping back in time to the dial-up age. I forgot how slow and annoying it is. Anyway, It's day four of our mission to build the house and we've made unbelievable progress. Luckily, the foundation was already laid when we arrived. But we've built most of the walls (all brick) and are off for the weekend. I think the professionals are going to try to do the roof structure while we are away this weekend. It's been fun driving the truck to the brickyard with everyone in the back. Counting, loading, driving back slowly, unloading, laying, filling in with sand, cementing, and doing it all again! I've been taking photos regularly but have no way to put then on here (in the "Jungle", I mean!) I hope to get some photos sorted when I get to Bangkok on the 7th.
Needless to say, my muscles are getting strong, and my skin is getting brown. However, they are feeding us so well on glorious Thai food, that I think I'll have gained a few kilos by the time we leave!
We got to go to the house dedication of the first Habitat house in this area. It was really heartwarming to see the family officially get their house. On the first day that we arrived, we saw it as well as their old house which most of us might regrettably describe as a one-room shack. Lots of reminders here of how excessively we live and how little we need.
We had a longer day than usual trying to get to a good stopping point for the weekend, so now I'm really hungry. So, I'm off to get some more good food and a well-deserved beer or two since we don't have to leave until 9am tomorrow. A luxurious lie-in!

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