30 June 2007

An amazing bird

In case you've never seen this. This is an incredible moment by Sir David Attenborough where he'd captured a Lyre bird on film imitating various sounds (Click on title of this post).

And, in case you've been living under a rock and have no idea who this incredible man is, have a look at this tribute.

28 June 2007

onigiri video

Have a look at my onigiri film!


I've now got four cool postcards!!

Oh sweet elixir of life!

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

My beautiful Laken bottle, of which I have a few in various sizes and colours. I take it to every class with me when, after many weeks of wonder, a student will finally muster up the courage to ask me, "What's in that bottle?". As I sip it throughout each class, I would've thought it obvious that it was not anything sinister. However, if I'm feeling particularly sarcastic on that day (and I think the student can handle it), I sometimes reply, "Vodka...Polish.". To which I often get an underwhelmed, "Oh." before said student returns calmly to his seat to wait for class to begin.

25 June 2007

Postcards are go!

Whew! Without a minute to spare, my postcards have left the nest to fly off to their respective destinations. I've even received one from another member of the group already. It's beautiful! But I can't post any photos yet lest I ruin the surprise for others. Stay tuned!

24 June 2007

Suspicious parcels arriving

This came today after my cry for help that I could no longer get one of my favourite teas here. My Mum very kindly sent various spicyteas she had to tide me over until she could get her hands on the real thing. And then it arrived today smelling lovely even before i could work out how to get the thing open. Thanks Mum!

22 June 2007

Indian Wine?

India's wine industry has been growing by "30 percent annually for the past three years" says Palan Blakrishnan of Indian Ink (link in title).
Seeing two of my interests in one headline in the NZ Herald I had to read more. It seems that people are slowly cultivating (get it?) a small wine industry in the Nandi Hills of south India. It all makes sense when you think about the growing middle class in India who are likely to drink the stuff. I thought the best part of the article was when the writer quantified the annual consumption per capita of wine as teaspoon each. I wonder what our annual per capita consumption is in NZ?

Do you drink red or white with a saag paneer?

17 June 2007

Working on Sundays

It really shouldn't be allowed, but since they'd offered to pay me I really couldn't refuse. My nametag and schedule of events was already in my mailbox by Monday morning. Maybe they thought I'd forget or try to make a break for it. So, I got up this morning and put on my Sunday best. That's as opposed to my Sunday 'normals' which are pretty much jeans and whatever t-shirt I can find and my hoodie if it's cold. I made my lunch, well actually, Mr. P made it, and cycled off. I made it through the day and am now back and should be working on my postcards.

Last week I was really in the creative groove, but of course the muse is gone now that the pressure's on. So I'm just going to enjoy this coffee and lovely pepparkakor (I love those things!) and hope she returns. Except that I stupidly volunteered to make dinner and it's now 6pm...doh!

10 June 2007

Tomato tarte tatin

Tomato tarte tatin
Originally uploaded by Shanti, shanti.
And this is adding the pesto crust. After baking it is all inverted onto a plate so the glorous red tomatoes sit on top of the crust for serving.

Tomato, blue cheese, tarte tatin

Last night my partner made a wonderful tarte tatin a la tomate from my new cookbook (See http://www.chocolateandzucchini.com ). I was very excited to get the book as I have followed her blog for a while, and an super-pleased that Mr. P has broken it in already. He altered for being in Japan, as we usually have to do. So, pesto rather than tapenade, and run-of-the-mill Danish blue rather than goats cheese. But it was fabulous!

Sunday morning coffee

Sunday morning coffee
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Ahhhh Sunday morning. If we weren't in Japan we'd still be in bed with coffee, croisants, and the Sunday paper. Well, at least we can have the coffee!

07 June 2007

The aftermath of one America's cup race

My partner was up all night listening to the America's Cup sailing race on the net. I found a trail of destruction that ended at this empty jar of Bonne Maman marmalade. I guess he ate the whole thing.

Team New Zealand are definitely in the lead to qualify now as they have won about two thirds of the Louis Vuitton races. If we get the cup back we get to host the next race which is really great for New Zealand. Last time there was such a good atmosphere and all sorts of events going on. There were parties and full bars and restaurants every day in Auckland. You could really feel the excitement. Go Team New Zealand!!

01 June 2007

That Friday feeling

I love Thursdays at the moment because I only have two classes which are one hour each, and are in the morning. So if I concentrate my efforts and plan my Friday lessons in between classes, I can be relatively free by lunchtime. However, having my laptop on the desk is a hazard as I attempt to stop myself looking at blogs, or worse...Youtube (You can't just look at one!). I was quite pleased with myself yesterday as I DID in fact focus my efforts and got home for a late lunch, internet surfing, reading with a cuppa and some chocolate, cooking a green curry, enjoying aforementioned curry with my partner, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Lovely!

However, this does mess with the "Friday feeling" that I used to enjoy so much because I have a full on day today that I have to get through. And so can't really get excited about the weekend yet. But, my classes are planned so I'll try to pace myself through the day to get my Monday planning finished before nightfall. Yes, teaching is a neverending, vicious circle of "plan and deliver"!