05 March 2007

bonus post

While I'm waiting for Flickr to upload some photos, I'm just doing a quick bonus post.
It's been so wonderful being here for many reasons, but one is that the warmth of Thai people seems endless. Because of this, I am finding it east to pick up a lot more Thai. It's so fun interacting with Thais in their language because they really want to see if you can do it, plus they encourage it. So, I've realise that apart from approachability of people, there is one other major factor in learning language, and that is what you are doing while you are trying to learn. In both Vietnam, and Japan, I have picked up only basic survival language, yet in Thailand, in even a short time I feel I've learnt loads. So, this is it...I'm not teaching here! I think when you teach English all day, and then go home to your English-speaking partner, it's really difficult to learn the local language. But if you are not teaching English, you have more time to relax and enjoy learning.
Ahhhhh Soooooooo desu ne!?

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