10 March 2007

Chores and Markets

Ever spend more time trying to remember your thousands of passwords than actually typing real sentences?
I luxuriated today in hanging out in the room watching Thai cooking shows while I did the washing i had piling up. I hate having to do washing all the time, but i hate carrying too much for no good reason too.
Then i took a stroll to find a better internet cafe and ended up coming out at Sumen fort on the Chao Praya river in the late afternoon light. This area is becoming so cool with local young Thais opening their own cafes. I bought some cool arty postcards. I've sent the usual Thailand ones way too many times so i was glad to find these.
I'm going to amble back in a minute and hope to find some good eats on the way. On my first day here I discovered a huge market within the grounds of a big wat near my hotel. There was lots of activity including monks raising money for a wat in Christchurch! Unfortunately the table was unmanned and so I didn't get to talk to anyone about it. I had some great Khanom Jin there, spaghetti-like noodles with a fish-curry sauce and huge piles of fresh beans and herbs on the table for you to rip up and add. I love the stuff.
Then last night I couldn't resist buying a corn on the cob from a smiling woman who I managed to speak Thai with. I can't believe I've practised enough in the last ten days that I could understand everything. I think she enjoyed the interaction as much as I did. I especially enjoyed the grilled sweetcorn at 15 baht ( about 45yen or 40-50 US cents).
Once again my coins are running out at the ol' net cafe!


Anonymous said...

If you like watching Thai cooking shows, try this site. It's sort of like an online Thai cooking class

Shanti Wallah said...

Cool, thanks anon.
I'll check it out when I'm not paying by the minute for the net.