14 February 2006

Says it all

Just came across these quotes on the net...

"There's a race of men who don't fit in
A race that can't stand still,
So they break the heart of kith and kin
And roam the world at will."
--Robert Service

"There are three kinds of men who die poor: those who divorce, those who incur debts and those who travel."
--Senegalese proverb

(I'm sure the same goes for women)

04 February 2006

Curry Crisis (again)

Just read yesterday that Tarja Halonen did win the election. Taking back the world, one woman at a time!
So, today I'm thinking about curry...for a change. I'm wondering, what's the most difficult situation anyone has been in ingredient-wise when needing to make a curry? I'd say, living in Japan has been my biggest challenge yet. I'm not complaining as I can get pretty creative when I need a curry, but lately, everything is tasting the same. As I've begun this thought process a bit to late and have just been given the 5 minute warning at the netcafe, I'll have to leave you with this one. Perhaps I'll be enlightened by the time I'm back online next and can enlighten you!