20 November 2009

Visitors landing soon!

View from Mt. Eden, originally uploaded by Shanti, shanti.

I'm not sure how much blogging I'm going to get done in the next two weeks as my parents are flying in from Los Angeles tomorrow morning. We are frantically tidying up things and generally making our house into a place for four rather than two!

We haven't seen them since they came to visit us in Japan although with blogs, Skype, Flickr, email, Twitter, etc. it's easy to forget how long it's been. We'll definitely do some fun tourist things, but I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of NZ wine and food ingested. I'd better get one last visit with my treadmill before this happens!

So, see ya later bloggies and readers! In the meantime you can enjoy this view of Auckland from the top of Mt. Eden. It's a dormant volcano in the city and I love walking round the crater rim or taking a picnic up there when it's warm.


P.S. Ireland were robbed! I hope they get that sorted out. how ridiculous!


Fly Girl said...

Have a happy reunion! I just bought the turkey to bake for my parents next week. The holidays are upon us..

shantiwallah said...

Thanks Fly Girl. We're going to do a Thanksgiving dinner, too. I haven't lived in the States for so long that I can't even remember my last Thanksgiving dinner! Enjoy the cooking:-)

Niamh Griffin said...

Have a great time with your parents!!

shantiwallah said...

Thanks Niamh. We've already visited far too many wineries!