08 November 2009

Thank you Carol!

We recently had the pleasure of having two houseguests, one from Japan and one from Seattle, Washington in the US. An amazing time was had by all as we waxed lyrical about the beautiful things in life and spent a lot of time laughing and imbibing in lovely food and New Zealand wine and tea and more tea!

So, last week when a parcel arrived from one of the guests, Carol, I was really excited. What a great surprise! How the hell am I going to wait until Mr. P gets home to open it? Or should I peek now? Nope, I waited (although it almost killed me!).

When we finally cracked into the package we found a beautiful tea cozy, handmade from batik fabric. Being avid tea-drinkers, a tea cozy is something we've really been needing since we drink the stuff by the potfull. How thoughtful of Carol to remember this little detail about us and to spend time making such a nice, personal gift.

But wait, there's more! We couldn't believe that when we looked inside it was lined with...can it be?... sock monkey fabric!

Thank you Carol! We love it!


Fly Girl said...

That is a gorgeous tea cozy! I'm a huge tea drinker as well and I love batik.

Niamh Griffin said...

That's so cute! Enjoy many cups of tea:)Is that a habit you picked up in the UK or do Kiwis usually drink it by the gallon?

shantiwallah said...

I agree about its gorgeousness!Thanks for reading, Fly Girl:-)

Niamh, I've always loved tea, but England pretty much did it for me especially working in offices. You haven't even finished your cup and somebody's making another round. Kiwi's are major cuppa drinkers, too. Always with milk, of course!