08 November 2009

More pining for Vietnam

I really wish I was in Saigon right now. I want to go to my favourite coffee spot and pho shop. I want to drive round past the cathedral on a Sunday on my Honda Wave, and I want to go shopping in my favourite vegetable market.

Anyone else missing anywhere?


Tanya said...

I miss Samoa still but Im missing Singapore at the moment because M is there at the THIMUN conference sending me what Ive just eaten texts. It wouldnt be so bad if I could get tempeh here or dried cranberries or those dry roasted pumpkin seeds :)

shantiwallah said...

We've often though of moving to Singapore just for the food! I can't blame you for missing that. Kia ora Tanya! Dried cranberries are definitely a hot commodity, but surely you can find pumpkin seeds, no? Do you mean those ones still in the shell with salt or a liquorishy (how do you spell that?)flavour?

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks great ,too. I'm planning on going back to read more about your interesting life when I get more time:-)

matt miller said...

oh man! this video is dynamite! i enjoyed seeing the cafe umbrellas sprouting up like mushrooms~
and can i tell you how much i adore the Gotan Project??

matt miller said...

oh- btw... hearing the Gotan Project on that vid is making me pine for old Mexico... ayyyy, Mexico!