17 June 2007

Working on Sundays

It really shouldn't be allowed, but since they'd offered to pay me I really couldn't refuse. My nametag and schedule of events was already in my mailbox by Monday morning. Maybe they thought I'd forget or try to make a break for it. So, I got up this morning and put on my Sunday best. That's as opposed to my Sunday 'normals' which are pretty much jeans and whatever t-shirt I can find and my hoodie if it's cold. I made my lunch, well actually, Mr. P made it, and cycled off. I made it through the day and am now back and should be working on my postcards.

Last week I was really in the creative groove, but of course the muse is gone now that the pressure's on. So I'm just going to enjoy this coffee and lovely pepparkakor (I love those things!) and hope she returns. Except that I stupidly volunteered to make dinner and it's now 6pm...doh!

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