01 June 2007

That Friday feeling

I love Thursdays at the moment because I only have two classes which are one hour each, and are in the morning. So if I concentrate my efforts and plan my Friday lessons in between classes, I can be relatively free by lunchtime. However, having my laptop on the desk is a hazard as I attempt to stop myself looking at blogs, or worse...Youtube (You can't just look at one!). I was quite pleased with myself yesterday as I DID in fact focus my efforts and got home for a late lunch, internet surfing, reading with a cuppa and some chocolate, cooking a green curry, enjoying aforementioned curry with my partner, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Lovely!

However, this does mess with the "Friday feeling" that I used to enjoy so much because I have a full on day today that I have to get through. And so can't really get excited about the weekend yet. But, my classes are planned so I'll try to pace myself through the day to get my Monday planning finished before nightfall. Yes, teaching is a neverending, vicious circle of "plan and deliver"!


matt miller said...

"Plan and Deliver"... wasn't that an Adam Ant song??
"Your money or your life!"

Shanti Wallah said...

Yes!! I'm so glad someone recognized it:-)