22 June 2007

Indian Wine?

India's wine industry has been growing by "30 percent annually for the past three years" says Palan Blakrishnan of Indian Ink (link in title).
Seeing two of my interests in one headline in the NZ Herald I had to read more. It seems that people are slowly cultivating (get it?) a small wine industry in the Nandi Hills of south India. It all makes sense when you think about the growing middle class in India who are likely to drink the stuff. I thought the best part of the article was when the writer quantified the annual consumption per capita of wine as teaspoon each. I wonder what our annual per capita consumption is in NZ?

Do you drink red or white with a saag paneer?

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matt miller said...

With saag paneer? definitely a clean yet slightly fruitily-sweet white wine.... ice cold.