11 September 2009

World of confusion: Writing

That's it! I've decided. I'm a reasonably intelligent woman, who thinks she can write reasonably well, and who doesn't want to work for other people any more. This was some of the thinking that prompted me to launch my food blog in order to get something out there. So, I thought I'd give myself until the end of the year to research the possibilities of freelance writing. I mean, the actual writing is one thing, but I'm the first to admit that I know nada about the industry.

The universe tends to provide, methinks, as all of a sudden I've met two writers in the past week. It seems I need to start building up a portfolio of work and commercial writing seems to be a way to do it. I was thinking that could be my bread and butter and anything else I do would be a bonus at the beginning. Do I know what I am talking about? Hell no!

I'm not sure how you get to know just what types of opportunities and avenues there are out there, but I've started reading everything I can get my hands on. Still hoping for that 26 hour clock to set in. I've always worked with words, but I guess I'd have had a better feel for the market if I'd studied journalism or some such at uni...well, too late. But I'm thinking that my knowledge of travel, food and education can be channeled somewhere.

Yes, this post is me thinking out loud...and maybe a cry for help...and full of bad writing (This won't be in the aforementioned portfolio!), but I'm determined. OK universe. Bring it!


A Girl in Asia said...

Hi - that's great! A blog you might like (if you haven't come across it already) that I love to read is by a Sydney based freelance writer. Tips, advice, media news, fun stuff: http://wordsmithlane.com/

Ekaterina said...

yes, you have to start somewhere indeed!
A great place to see ideas, writing gigs and discussions about being a freelance writer, you can find on http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/
it's perhaps the best site where you can find the best gigs.
It's where I got mine!
good luck with your upcoming blog!

Niamh Griffin said...

Starting a writing life is exciting! It sounds like you have some good ideas, good luck with sticking with everthing. If it helps, the Sydney Writers' Centre do online versions of their courses. Valerie moved me from wanting to write to making a living from it when I was there: they're great!!

shantiwallah said...

Wow, you guys are awesome! thanks for all the encouragement and info. I'd love to know how you set up your work scenario. For example, do you all tend to work at home mostly or in cafes?

Ekaterina said...

I like to work at home, but there was a great article on living holistically with a sense of humour site the other day about the girl who works in cafes:

I suppose it depends on personality...

shantiwallah said...

Thanks Ekaterina, I'll check that out:-)