18 September 2009

A little technical hand required

I'm confused about Blogger comments. I have comment moderation activated and it works just fine. I open the page and OK any new comments. But then they disappear from the list and reappear on the relevant entry. Fine. But if someone comments on an older entry, is there no way to find out which entry that person's comment went to? I'm not making sense and I know it.
OK, someone comments on a blog entry I wrote a few months ago, only I don't know which entry they are commenting on because there's not a date on the comments awaiting moderation. Is there any way to find this date? Any old Blogger hands know??

In other news, it's gorgeous and sunny and really warming up. Without saying this out loud and jinxing it for everyone...shhhhh, I think summer is coming, shhhh... And, do you know what else? It's Friday so I'm off to the pub to enjoy it!

(Photo randomly selected from the ones I took out our window in Osaka)


A Girl in Asia said...

Hi - I know what you mean - in the list of comments awaiting moderation you don't actually know which post it's for. Then if you want to read the whole comment you don't know where to go to read it without individually opening a whole heap of blog posts. I have mine set so I get an email each time I get a new blog post. And the email tells you which blog post it's for... If you go to settings/comments in your dashboard and enter your email address where it asks for it re/ comments that should do it...

shantiwallah said...

Thanks, Liz. I think I've set that up for my other blog, but I didn't notice that it tells you on the email. I'll go from that direction from now on.