29 January 2009

Please help me think of a name for my new food blog!!

It's going to be about the multicultural aspect of food in New Zealand and I really want to get it going, but I'm absolutely stuck for a name. Ask your friends, ask your family, ask the bloke who sells you your morning coffee. Any ideas are good ideas. I really need a giant brainstorm going on!
I want it to say something about New Zealand, food, and multicultural-ness. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have, even crazy ones. Muchas, muchas gracias!


A Girl in Asia said...

My suggestion - Kiwi Nosh! Are you going to keep this blog going too or are you replacing it?

Shanti Wallah said...

Hi Girl in Asia and thank you for your comment. Kiwi Nosh! is a great idea. I plan to keep this one going as a personal blog but I'd like to really set up a nice food blog about all the interesting stories we have here in NZ. I'll keep you informed:-)