29 November 2007

Running from cameras and getting a bit numerical

I love this bloke. http://runningfromcamera.blogspot.com/
He's so random. I mean, how do people think of something like this? And where does he find the time to do it?
OK, so here's my "original" idea, even though I know it's not original, I just can't remember what gave me the idea. I was standing at my hundreth train station for the day in Tokyo (where I've been for the last two weekends) and suddenly realised that there were some cool looking numbers around. Now, I am not normally a "numbers" person as I tend to class myself as being more of a "letters" person. But standing in a train station will do that to ya. I mean, you're surrounded by times and tracks. So, slowly I plan to collect the numbers 1 to 100 and put them on my Flickr stream. I say "slowly" because I'm doing about a thousand other things at the moment so I haven't set any kind of deadline for myself. Deadlines for creativity...ha! I laugh in the face of deadlines when I am being creative! Actually, I laugh at deadlines in whatever mode I'm in, but that's beside the point. I'm getting off track (No. 1) here. Anybody want to join in? Just create a set on your stream and start adding the numbers...race you! (Not!)

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