10 November 2007

hot tea cold day

hot tea cold day
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I'm still hoping for snow so we can go skiing, but I'm just remembering how freezing the flat gets. It's still fleece weather, not down jacket weather or anything, but it's always colder inside than out. For some reason they don't believe in home insulation here, and so you can put the heater on, then the tiny rooms get to boiling point very quickly, and then you turn off the heater and the temperature drops within minutes. It's all very exciting and I guess, keeps you moving if nothing else. You can go hang out in the mall (blah) where they put the heating on to a temperature where you can wear shorts, but you know you have to go home sometime.
So, it's pots of tea and hot water bottles all round!

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Arch at Rang said...

Oh! I absolutely love Chai!

Hot tea on a cold day, wrapped up in a warm blanket and a great book:-)