21 November 2007

First Snow

It started snowing at the beginning of this week. Now it's gone to yucky rain, but it's definitely filling up the higher areas as they are all covered in a dusting of snow, and the ski run we can see from our front window is white like two veins pumping down the side of the mountain. The mountains look so much more majestic when there is snow on them. The white against the black really defines them. Here is the view from our flat in which Mr. P is heading off to work on his dissertation someplace warmer than ours!


jeni said...

first frost was this morning! i thought of you. this is a lovely post - and the next one too!

Shanti Wallah said...

Thanks! I hope you are staying warm. I hear that Seattle weather is similar to Auckland weather. But we don't get frost very often, just a lot of wind and rain. Happily, we will be arriving back to NZ in the throes of summer:-)