29 January 2006

Reality TV and women in government

A few weeks ago Thai Prime minister Thaksin began his new 'reality TV show', Backstage Show: The Prime Minister in a bid to gain voter support. The man has a lot of doubters at the moment so time will tel whether this kind of stunt helps or not. But funny, none the less...

So much to catch up on since I haven't been near a computer in two weeks... at one point there seemed to be quite a few more women poping up on the world's political scene which is always nice. Congratulations to Chile's centre-left winner of the election, Michelle Bachelet. Her victory over the conservative candidate is also a victory for women in South American politics in general as there have not been many female leaders in that region.
Tarja Halonen (social dem) was also in the run for Finnish president, but what's happening??? The run off is due to take place tomorrow. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4614100.stm
Meanwhile, back in Osaka... Shanti and Pi Dog went on the lash to celebrate Pi's 33rd. Special Kirin brews ensued as did a bit of a splash out on some nachos at the Hard Rock Cafe. Loudest, most overpriced nachos we ever ate...but ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh so good. God I miss mexican stuff. Think I'll roll some tortillas tonight.

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