15 January 2006

Teething Problems

OK, so somehow I'd managed to delete half of my template so that nothing could be seen except a black screen. I think I've sorted it now however, my sidebar stuff has shifted to the bottom of the page due to a long link I put in in my last post. C'est lavie! I think it will sort itself out as new posts are added. In future I'll check how long any links are before posting. Sorry! Can you tell I don't know what the hell I'm doing??
I've got to say you meet some wierdos in netcafes. Everyone has either a twitch, snort, hacking (get it?) cough, or a penchant for talking to their head-voices. It begs the question, What am I doing that I am not aware of?
Gotta go back to work tomorrow so possible nothing else until Friday. Now that I'm getting into this I'll miss my little trips to the internet cafe but, work's not too bad as I pretty much just have to teach a few classes each week and have hours and hours to plan. It's a bit of a dream job in the hard-knock world of ESL teaching but it's only for 2 months.
One quick link before I sign off:
Just a little article I came across relating to the Indian community in Japan. I'm facinated by 'communities' within communities and Japan is one place where I find it difficult to spot foreign communities. I wasn't sure if there just aren't many immigrants of each particular nation here, or if it's due to the pressure to fit in once you are here. Anyway, this may be of interest to some.
Have a great week!