13 October 2007

Pixies Saturday

Just needed a little of this with my morning tea.

And now for something a little different...
I came across this while perusing the net, as you do, by a Mr. Fraser Lewry. I don't know him from Jack, but I spent a bit of time looking at his blog, and I hope he doesn't mind me linking to this page. This bloke is awesome for just thinking up a stunt like this. He's made a giant Scotch egg from an ostrich egg. Check it out. http://www.blogjam.com/2005/05/15/scotch-ostrich-egg/
I once got recruited as omelette chef at an ostrich egg party, and didn't sit down to eat my own portion of the meal until I had cooked up no less than 12 omelettes! "Sure, I'll cook."...stupid me! The egg cracker actually used a drill to get in. It was pretty fun, though.

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matt miller said...

Usually I have toast with my coffee in the morning, but was out of bread and The Pixies did a helluva lot better at getting my ass energized!!!!!!!
I'M A DEBASER!!!!!!!!!!