10 October 2007

Harvest has begun

Harvest has begun
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The sunflowers are withering, the rice is halfway harvested. It seems to go from unbearably hot to coldest cold within a couple of weeks here. Now the temperature is just right for a good night's sleep with a fluffy duvet, but the sun doesn't rise early enough to wake you up. So, it's easy to just snuggle in and sleep deeply until the alarmclock is no longer patient.
I love cups of tea at any time of year, but this is surely the beginning of deep mug o' tea season. I've been scheming to buy just the right flask to take to work with me, even though we have a kettle there I can use. I just like tea and all it's accoutrements, what can I say!


matt miller said...

Love the droopy sunflower...

Shanti Wallah said...

Man-san had already cut all the heads off the others and they were drying in crates. They looked really cool, but I couldn't get a photo. :-(