08 August 2007

Earthquakes, final exam marking, and Chinese food scares

In my own personal style I let my final marking hang over my head for a good two weeks before handing the grades in at the last minute. To my credit, they were still waiting on at least one other terribly unconscientious person to hand in her grades that I know of. Woohoo, I wasn't the last one! Also to my credit, I had to wait for one of my classes marks to come back as it was marked by a machine (NOT my choice I might add!). So, the point is...I'm finally a free woman and can now get down to doing all that shit I complain about not being able to do because I'm too busy with school.

Another reason I put off doing my marking is that I was scared shitless (Wow, two of that word in one post!) because my flat kept shaking. Yes, that earthquake that you all heard of off in distant lands was actually quite close to here and this place was a bit like a ride at a funfair, only not fun, for a couple of days. Happily, it seems to have settled down for now (touch wood). I just hope they get that nuclear power plant leak stuff sorted out. I hate eating glowing veggies and seafood as much as the next guy.

Speaking of food, I'm feeling distantly amused by the whole "Chinese food scare". Most of us in Australasia are already well aware of the dangers of Chinese food and it's lack of regulation regarding pesticides, etc. The thing is that all of our food is so Frankensteinised (ie. GE/ GM crops) and pesticised and hormoneisised, yes that IS a word, these days that it's hard to know exactly where you want to gamble. But I've been eating Chinese foodstuffs as well as Japanese and New Zealand, and anywhere else's it's imported from for a long time. I feel OK so far even though I'm not that happy about the lack of control of it. But without a superbudget that allows me to buy organic, local food as well as get a variety, what's a "foodie" like me to do? Of course I dream of the day when I can plant a garden again and be content in the fact that a lot of my food growing has been overseen by yours truly, but until then, I have to eat what I can afford. It sucks but that's life! I can only try to eat the best I can and no get too paranoid, right?

And then, speaking of imported items, I'm now enjoying a bottle of icy cold Babich Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. It was 36C today, so that's one import I'm not going to complain about!

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