25 July 2009

A time to Flickr, a time to blog

Flickr how I've missed thee!
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It's taken us ages to get all moved in and we still have a long way to go to make this place look like a real home, but we're getting there. We've had so much fun finding all of our stuff that has been in storage...especially all the cool Japanese pottery we went mad on buying before we left Japan. We've also bought things...big things like dining room tables and giant bookshelves. I'm still not totally comfortable with all this "permanant-y" stuff. I'm scared that we are settling in even though it's fun to make a really livable place. A dining room table, HA!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're settling in. There are few things that are as stressful as moving and unpacking.

Ekaterina said...

I am going to face the same problem as you! We will have to move houses, and it will be all about boxes and boxes!

shantiwallah said...

Thanks guys! I've done this a few too many times and I should know better than to have kept all of this stuff. I feel a cull coming on!