09 March 2009

Chocolate chai

Chocolate chai
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One of those things that just comes to you one day and you wonder why you'd never thought of it before.

Here's what I did:
In a pan over medium heat, I lightly roasted (about a minute or until getting fragrant but not burnt) a few spices. These included a couple of pieces of cinnamon bark, five cloves, two smashed green cardamon pods and about an eighth teaspoon of mixed spice because I was afraid that it wouldn't be spicy enough. Just experiment.

Then I added about a tablespoon of cocoa powder and let it heat through with the spices in the dry pan. You'll be tempted to add more cocoa as if you are making hot chocolate, but think of the cocoa as just another spice in the chai. You don't want anything overpowering anything else and upsetting the balance.

Finally I added 2 mugs full of milk and three teabags or three teaspoons of loose tea. I used semi-skimmed (half fat) but if you use full fat it will be creamy and lovely. You might want to substitute a bit of water for some of the milk if you go the full fat route.

If you want to add sugar, add it at this point so that it melts in the tea. I waited until after it was made and served the sugar on the side s people could have as much or as little as they liked.

Be sure it doesn't scald. When heated, strain and pour into cups to enjoy, MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Tina said...

That sounds yummy! I might give that a go, especially as the air is starting to feel a bit chilly outside... :P