01 October 2008

We did it

We did it
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Finally, all of the coursework has been turned in. I thought it'd never end! I just have to do my final practicum of 7 weeks and then I am home free. But that will not be nearly as stressful as the coursework. It'll be just like having a job, only I won't get paid:-( This has truly been the worst educational experience I have ever had. And I've had a LOT of educational experiences! Anyway, I'm trying to wipe it from my mind and move on with my life.
I'm meant to be preparing my poster presentation for the CLESOL conference this weekend and I can't get motivated. My mind and body have said, "Right, you've finished your coursework...that's it! There'll be no more work doing in this house!". But what my mind and body don't understand (Am I going mad?) is that I got a scholarship in order to attend this conference, not to mention getting my stuff accepted. So, I can't just forget about it.
I'm just feeling so run down and tired.
I really need some more rest, but after this one last push to the weekend and the conference. The good thing is, if I ever get my presentation finished, I get to do it on Friday so I can just listen and enjoy the rest of the weekend at the conference. What's the point of all this drivel...I guess I'm hoping the conference fairy will hear my plea and drop out of the sky and sort out my stuff! Conference fairy...are you there??

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matt miller said...

ooop! hello there, i'm the conference fairy. sorry luv, but been on holiday ya see. maybe i can be a bit more help next time, eh?