17 March 2008


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On Friday I was just thinking, "oh no, my throat is a bit scratchy", only to wake up on Saturday morning unable to swallow properly. On reflection, I realise that this stressful episode in my life has been going on since October 2007 when we first started making reservations and organising things for coming home. Wow! Being that it is now the ides of March, this has been going on for 5 months! I can't believe I haven't been ill sooner since I've been feeling pretty run down and tired of it all for ages. So, I'm counting my blessings and hoping for a quick recovery. Panadol has been my friend so that I can swallow down some nutritious food, and I've tried the ol' Strepsils to soothe my throat, but I've never been into boiled sweets, so I haven't had many of them. Ginger and honey tea (...which I love, so it's really all just a big excuse for having ginger and honey in my tea!) and lots of sleep has been the best thing. Woe is me! But I have to say that it had tp get THIS bad before I stopped and had a couple of days in bed...at least I haven't got "manflu"! >>>

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matt miller said...

awwww poor Cinny! I know exactly what you've got. It's that little sickness that hangs around in the background but that you don't have time for. Then, when you finally have some down time, it attacks without mercy.
Try adding some garlic to your ginger tea - it'll kill that bacteria in your throat.
Hope you feel better soon!