30 December 2007


Traveler's Notebook
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I've been weighing up whether or not to buy one of these for about a year. I've always wanted a leather journal for travelling that would get all worn in and filled with character as it aged and got thrown into and out of my pack, carried on dusty trains, and dropped in the sand at the beach. A Japanese company, Midori, came up with this idea of selling the cover with refillable parts inside. I've chosen to have a blank book for journalling, a week-view diary, and a business card holder so far.

Knowing that this is only available in Japan and Hong Kong at the moment (so I almost went for Moleskine instead...also an awesome product), I was worried about buying replacements, but I've decided that if worse comes to worse, I can always make my own inserts.

If you want to see inside, I made a short video while having a coffee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgBwCbywHZo .

Thank you to Mr. P for a brilliant Christmas pressie!

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