16 July 2007

Real soap

Syrian soap
Originally uploaded by Shanti, shanti.
I just love a real bar of soap. Shower gel is convenient and everything, but there's something romantic about having the real thing. You can take your time smelling them all in the shop to get just the right one. And then, when you open the paper, there's always just a little bit of soap dust that falls out onto your sleeve that you might rediscover later in the day. Sometimes, it's the wrappings themselves that are beautiful. They can be ornate or just simple and stuck together by hand with bits of glue that has squished out between the layers of paper.
This one is obviously hand-cut, and has been pressed with unknown (by me anyway) and intriguing language. It's an olive oil soap from Syria that was given to me last week by another teacher I work with who has spent time teaching in Oman. Thanks スー!


olan said...

It's really cool you've got so into soap - i was actually gonna suggest you gettin some at westgate - HAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHHAHHAHAAHHHHH - ahhhh, that was a good one!
Wow - hadn't checked your blog in ages - you've made a pretty cool thing here - you should go pro

matt miller said...

cooool soap! what does it smell like?
i am using some i got when we were in Thailand - made from honeycomb... i have also been saving a Burt's Bees peppermint bar of soap for years...

Shanti Wallah said...

It's mostly made of olive oil so it smells of, uh, olive oil mostly. I think it's going to be good and moisturising, but I'm still finishing off one I bought in Thailand too, a jasmine one.